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Guitarist // Singer-Songwriter // Musical Director // Producer



Till Kersting combines as a guitar player, singer and composer americana pop & blues styles with singer/songwriter soul in a natural easygoing way. Crank up a telecaster and crown it with a rough, strong voice – that’s his songbook. It includes the whole spectrum from up tempo songs to lyrical ballads, telling the whys and wherefores of a young mans life. The international rhythm section, harmony backing & horn section tops off Till's contemporary sound.

After he released his debut album "Changing Faces" on ZYX/Peppercake in 2006, he went on tour for two years. In 2009 he presented his 11 track recording "Waiting For Tomorrow" on Rough Trade/BSC, co-produced by Thorsten Rentsch, who's working with well known German artists like BAP, Kelly Family, Doro Pesch and many others. After two more years of touring and being in great demand as a studio musician for TV shows, he was hired by german major acts like Stefanie Heinzmann, Tom Beck and Circus Roncalli for his unique Telecaster sound and became a Fender endorser in 2013. As a Musical Director he conducts the band for Carolin Kebekus in her "Pussy Terror TV" Show und works with the female Rockabilly band "Rockemarieche". Unplugged he's playing Rockabilly Music with "The Sugarhills" and released his 3rd Album on vinly on Rough Trade/Meyer Records in 2015. In 2017 he joined the Tommy Engel Band, the most famous voice of cologne music. On top of that Till plays in 2018 with "The Baseballs".


Till was born September 3, 1978 in Kassel, Germany. He grew up in a construction trailer of a culture circus, where his mother was the circus director, which presented a combination of modern dance performances and a live jazz orchestra all performed in a big top. Till discovered his passion and talent for blues and jazz at age 13 when he started playing the guitar. He worked intensively on it the following years and has been highly inspired by many jazz musicians he worked with. His main influences are American root music artists like B.B King and Ray Charles.


At age 20, after four years on tour and his first success as a local guitar player and singer in different bands, he moved to Cologne. He worked for many other artists and as a musical director in a theatre. Till became a member of the pop group “Tuesdays” recording for Capitol EMI, but left in 2002 to concentrate on creating his own style and writing songs. That’s where his own story begins and he formed his band for the first time in 2003.